Monday, December 30, 2013

It has been a long time since there was any progress, until now!

Well, I finally made some time to work on my layout.  I figured that I had some time for small projects before the football games started yesterday.  These small projects led to bigger projects, and that all equated to progress on the layout.

I did not like the mock up I had for Becton Dickenson and the track arrangement for switching.  I ripped out the single track from Canaan to the way too short, New Milford siding and extended that siding all the way to Becton Dickenson.  This will make switching out both New Milford and Becton Dickenson much easier.  I added a small deck girder bridge where I had a culvert for more visual interest.  I took the B&D building apart and reconfigured it to better match the prototype (both building and track arrangement).

Proto shot of B&D:

Re-done B&D model (still just the front of the structure).  The rest of the building needs to be completed.  I wanted to capture the unique loading dock area.  This also shows the roughed in bridge, which still needs paint and abutments.

Finally some views of the extended siding and switching area for B&D:

I also finalized the Canaan yard area and the enginehouse/service area.  I ripped out the old track configuration and redid the entire area.  The taped together engine house is a stand in until I can scratchbuild one.  All track is cut and still needs to be attached, wired and painted.  While I was at it, I also ripped out the Specialty Minerals trackage and using satellite photos, laid it out to match the prototype.

Proto view of Specialty Minerals.  As you can see, I still need to build a number of buildings, silos and conveyors!