Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It has been awhile, but progress has been made!

I have finally had a chance to make some progress on the layout.  I have been scratch building and kitbashing some of the larger industries on the Housatonic RR.  These are primarily in New Milford.  Here are a couple of photos showing Kimberly Clark and Neeltran (Neeltran is not really served by the HRRC, but will be on my layout).  These buildings are a work in progress and need final detailing, paint, etc.

I am also adding a brief video showing these industries, along with the fictional "Letourneau Gorge" which is named after my good Friend Louis, from Montreal.  Louis inspired the steel trestle scene when I saw his version on his layout.  This scene is purely added for scenic value and is not on the prototype.

Kimberly Clark (consumer paper products) The N scale version is 24" x 44" just for the main plant building.

Neeltran (Build and refurbish transformers and power control facilities)

Here is my first attempt at a layout video.  I shot this to try out my new cell phone.  I apologize for the poor depth of field and lighting.  I still have a lot of scenery work to do and have to weather the rolling stock , weather the track and add ballast.

Life is busy and the hobby takes a back seat at times, but I have at least made some progress to share.

Finally, I'm adding a couple of photos showing a very rough idea of what Specialty Minerals will eventually become.  I need to do a whole lot of scratch building and kitbashing here!