Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It has been awhile, but progress has been made!

I have finally had a chance to make some progress on the layout.  I have been scratch building and kitbashing some of the larger industries on the Housatonic RR.  These are primarily in New Milford.  Here are a couple of photos showing Kimberly Clark and Neeltran (Neeltran is not really served by the HRRC, but will be on my layout).  These buildings are a work in progress and need final detailing, paint, etc.

I am also adding a brief video showing these industries, along with the fictional "Letourneau Gorge" which is named after my good Friend Louis, from Montreal.  Louis inspired the steel trestle scene when I saw his version on his layout.  This scene is purely added for scenic value and is not on the prototype.

Kimberly Clark (consumer paper products) The N scale version is 24" x 44" just for the main plant building.

Neeltran (Build and refurbish transformers and power control facilities)

Here is my first attempt at a layout video.  I shot this to try out my new cell phone.  I apologize for the poor depth of field and lighting.  I still have a lot of scenery work to do and have to weather the rolling stock , weather the track and add ballast.

Life is busy and the hobby takes a back seat at times, but I have at least made some progress to share.

Finally, I'm adding a couple of photos showing a very rough idea of what Specialty Minerals will eventually become.  I need to do a whole lot of scratch building and kitbashing here!

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  1. I really like the amount of structure you include in your industries. Where many modelers, especially those in larger scales, would use flats, your structures are large, like the real thing, and make the viewer feel like they're in the scene. Kudos!