Wednesday, January 29, 2014

End of January 2014 Update

I did some more mocking up of two scenes.  The first is Railroad Street, in New Milford.  The building kits are merely taped together at this point so I can get a feel for placement and composition.

This is looking from Rt. 202 toward Bank Street:

This is looking toward Rt. 202, with Bank Street on the left:

Next is some more work mocking up Specialty Minerals in Canaan.  I started building an HO scale "Blue-Star Ready Mix" plant as a pulverised limestone loader.  I still need to scratchbuild catwalks and retractable loading chutes inside the loading bay.  I have about 50% of the structures needed for this built or mocked up.  Still need lots more silos, conveyors, paint and details.

And what will be the scale house for trucks, as well as offices and finishing.  I need to cut out the base of the building behind the truck and build the truck scale in that area, under the overhanging building.